Creating Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

There are many factors to consider when creating a mobile marketing strategy. Marketo underscores the importance of deciding “what success looks like” and gathering “key stakeholders” to assess current efforts, identify where improvements can be made, and map a mobile marketing strategy to deploy.

Ensuring responsive design is an important place to start. “One of the first steps to creating a mobile marketing program is ensuring responsive design across your website, emails, and landing pages,” Marketo says. “By implementing responsive design, you ensure a seamless and easy-to engage with experience that will attract and retain users.” When it comes to planning, implementing, and optimizing a mobile marketing program—Marketo lists four key steps to help you get started.
Create mobile buyer personas: “Understanding your audience is the first step to any marketing strategy, and buyer personas are a valuable tool to aid in that understanding. …” Set goals: “Before you launch a mobile marketing strategy, you’ll need to determine your goals and create a plan. …”

Establish KPIs: “Just like your other marketing efforts, mobile marketing needs to be tested and optimized. Determine which realistic, measurable KPIs define your mobile campaign’s success.” Monitor mobile metrics: “… Mobile behavior data reveals how well your mobile content engages your audience and conversion data indicates whether or not some of your key landing pages still need to be optimized for mobile browsing. …”

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Published On: October 11, 2022

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