Senior Care

Building a plan that gets you noticed by the audience that matters most is a daunting, omnichannel task. Together we’ll build a plan that simplifies a complex strategy, and targets just those you need to influence, reducing unnecessary spend and making the most of the resources and energy your team brings.

Influence the True Decision Makers

An estimated 7 out of 10 people will require assisted living care in their lifetime, and demand is expected to grow by an additional one million beds by 2040. With so much need, it’s critical to influence the true decision maker, ensuring knowledge and trust of your brand before your services are needed.

Research Begins Online

Senior Care and Assisted Living customers make decisions based on emotion, research, and the opinions of trusted friends and family. With so many influencers and choices to make, consumers rely on brands to tell their stories and make connections that do more than inform. Your facility should connect with the audience on an emotional level. But you must also be the logical, credible choice before your audience will act. Your stories of commitment, care, and compassion for your residents and patients must be able to be found online for anyone searching.

Different Target Audiences have Different Needs

Your facility should be top of mind with caseworkers and professionals. But your target groups have different needs. Clear and concise expertise can help establish trust and confidence and ensure that your facility can be found online when the need arises.

Our Approach

Hospitals and Health Systems

Practices and Clinics

Seniors and Home Health

Public Health

Let’s work together on your senior care and assisted living strategy.

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