Increasing Provider Referrals

A staggering 92% of providers say they could improve their referral management practices.

(source: BeckersPayer)

Providers make referrals as a necessary part of everyday patient care, often making multiple referrals each day. In a Fibrobalst study, it was found that 43% of referrals are made to providers that a referring physician does not know well, and 17% to providers that a referring physician has never met. This identifies a rich opportunity for influencing inbound referrals to your practice.

Establishing Credibility and Making Contact

When a patient is ready to book an appointment, they must be able to find you quickly and easily, everywhere they look. When a provider is making a referral, they must already know your name and practice, understand your expertise, and have established some level of trust.

Using the right outreach frequency, we build strategies to ensure your name and practice are known to those that have the propensity to refer new patients.

Market Share Analysis Will Identify What’s Possible

We’ll begin with analysis of your current market share by using our proprietary healthcare intelligence platform to identify referring providers, clinics or healthcare systems. Together we’ll review audience sizes proximate to your office, the competitors supplying similar services, and the percentage of the available market you’re serving. Market data is at the heart of our work together.

Partners in Success

At Advance Healthcare, we’re dedicated to helping you overcome patient acquisition challenges, and that means driving your referral traffic by elevating your name, brand, and credibility in the marketplace. We deliver tailored strategies that enhance your online presence, attract new referrals, and improve overall patient engagement. We’re your partner in success, so you can focus on what matters most – providing exceptional healthcare.

Hospitals and Health Systems

Practices and Clinics

Seniors and Home Health

Public Health

Let’s work together on your referral strategy.

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