How innovation priorities shifted in response to COVID-19 and the role of key technologies in managing the pandemic

A report from the Center for Connected Medicine (CCM) and KLAS Research supports a new focus on technology initiatives for healthcare executives. For the “Top of Mind for Top Health Systems” report, CCM surveyed 117 executives representing 112 healthcare provider organizations to assess “how innovation priorities shifted in response to COVID-19 and the role of key technologies in managing the pandemic.”

Findings revealed that although telehealth, AI, and revenue cycle management were all priorities prior to the pandemic, COVID-19 put everything on the fast-track: “Health systems looked to telehealth to continue seeing patients, AI to enable better decision making, and revenue cycle management technologies to improve efficiencies.”

While the majority of organizations were able to meet the increased demand for telehealth, “quick implementation of solutions magnified opportunities for improvement, including integration and patient and clinician experience — which many will seek to address in the coming year.” As systems seek greater efficiency in revenue cycle management, many are looking to predictive analytics, AI, bots, and automation to do it.

For the report, Rob Bart, MD, chief medical information officer at health system UPMC says rapid innovation shifts to meet the needs of patients within the pandemic has changed everything for healthcare: “Technology has been so essential to the COVID-19 response at UPMC and other health systems that the line is now blurred between traditional health care and digital health. …It is now our responsibility to create an excellent patient experience with all of the tools at our disposal, whether they are virtual or in person.”

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Published On: March 19, 2021

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