The 4 Stages of Patient Acquisition

By understanding how prospective patients use digital tools, healthcare providers can integrate this knowledge into strategies that lead to effective patient acquisition. Let’s examine what recent research reveals in this context and how your organization can apply it to the four stages of patient acquisition.

1. Branding

Make prospects know you exist with effective branding.

Since branding lays the foundation for the marketing communications process, it is important for healthcare providers to take a comprehensive approach to developing branding collateral to be effectively integrated into the overall marketing strategy. Even more, it is essential to understand the influence of patient experience regarding how a brand is perceived.

2. Engaging

Engage prospects with your expertise through digital channels.

Although the digital tools now available have changed everything in the marketing world, the foundational principle of placing the consumer in the center of the marketing strategy remains key. In the healthcare world, that “consumer” is the patient who providers need to deeply understand in order to effectively match their offerings with current needs.

3. Conversion

Make it easy for prospects to book an appointment.

When a patient is ready to book their appointment, they must be able to find you quickly and easily. That means having a presence on social media, in search results, and through digital advertising.

As far as the scheduling process itself, the more seamless it is, the greater the chances that prospects will convert to patients by booking that critical first appointment. For many patients, that means being able to schedule an appointment online, as 60% of patients prefer digital scheduling over a phone call. The report authors note that in their 2018 survey, only 36% of respondents indicated the same.

4. Referrals

Transform your happy patients into brand ambassadors to help create referrals.

In an era in which patients have a growing array of options to meet their healthcare needs, it is more important than ever for providers to adopt an effective digital marketing strategy to both attract and keep them.

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Published On: October 6, 2021

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