Why Creating Quality, Personalized Experiences is Important to Your Marketing Strategy

According to Salesforce, “Eighty percent of customers say the experience a brand provides is just as important as its products or services.”

However, the Redpoint/Harris Poll report uncovered a number of challenges in closing the customer experience gap, as described in an overview of the report:

The CX gap is a moving target as consumers and brands are constantly evolving. By raising standards for even doing business with a brand, consumers are moving the goalposts, firmly stating that price and product are less important than a brand sharing their values. Results throughout the survey reflect this, with consumers indicating a strong need for brands to have a deep personal understanding of them as individuals. Ultimately, consumers increasingly look to trust the brands they do business with – and that trust is earned, in part, by having a shared understanding.

Although the marketers surveyed believed their company was doing a great job of “implementing customer engagement technologies , consistently delivering personalized CX , and keeping up with changing customer expectations ,” the consumers surveyed didn’t see it that way.

Instead, “More than half feel unseen and feel undervalued by brands they interact with. The same percentage reported feeling that their experiences with brands rarely meet their expectations. In fact, compared to marketers, half as many consumers say the brands they interact with are doing an excellent job in delivering an exceptional CX .”

And when it comes to healthcare, this industry received the lowest overall score from survey respondents who ranked brands according to their ability to deliver an “exceptional customer experience.”

Along those lines, the report cites a 2020 Dynata survey (commissioned by Redpoint) that revealed “75% of consumers claiming a desire for their healthcare experience to be more personalized.”

By the way, “Personalization of Care” also made the AHA’s top-ten list: “While patients want the convenience and ease of digital interactions, personalized care is still the touchstone of their loyalty.”

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Published On: January 20, 2022

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