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The Role of Branding and Thought Leadership

to Help Referral-Based Practices Market Effectively

Savvy patients don’t rely on primary care referrals – how will your practice survive this new trend?

In today’s competitive environment, consumers have more options than ever to address their healthcare concerns.

Practices that depend upon the traditional approaches to marketing through lunch-and-learn networking and word-of-mouth advertising are missing out on the full marketing potential at their fingertips. Instead, a direct-to-consumer approach is needed to help prospective patients select specific providers when they’re given the option to do so. 

Our latest healthcare marketing white paper covers topics such as:

  • The four stages of brand acquisition
  • How and why effective branding is critical to referrals
  • The role of “affective commitment”
  • The importance of expertise-based thought leadership
  • What causes patients to decide against a referral

And much more.

Healthcare Referral Marketing has changed. Has your marketing kept up with the times?

Learn new ways to market effectively in our latest ebook.

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