Patient Insights Unveiled: How the Generations Differ Using Traditional and New Media

Patients of all generations have shifted to non-linear TV.

The first thing healthcare marketers need to know is where their patients are spending their time. The bottom line – it’s not traditional TV, not anymore. While Gen-Z and Millennials left traditional TV viewing years ago (or never started), more than 60% of GenXers have joined the ranks of the cord-cutters. Even though a majority of Boomers still like the cable and dish, 45% of them have left it behind for Roku or streaming apps exclusively. So, if traditional linear TV or cable advertising is a big part of your marketing mix, you’re missing a huge segment of every generation – not just the youngest.

It’s not about which social media platform they use, but it’s about what mix apps they use the most. The graphs to the right show how each generation ranked the most popular 6 social media apps.

We asked which ones they use the most – ranked from 1-6. Every generation had more people ranking Facebook as the most used #1 app, but all of them demonstrated a mix ranking Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th spots.

What this means for marketers is that getting the patients’ attention means speaking to them directly on the social media channel most engaging to them. It also means that you can’t just rely on one kind of post to get their attention. Even though YouTube and TikTok are exclusively video platforms, Facebook and Instagram have started t0 favor vertical video with Reels and other feed content.

We have seen the performance of Meta campaigns increase when these ad sizes are utilized. Static posts still work, but marketers have to produce content to fit the app’s sizes and styles. Consider various ways to convey information when creating feed posts, Reels, Stories, and Shorts – subtitled graphic styles and video length could vary by platform too. Meta places a preference on Stories and Reels, reiterating the need for vertical video Performance of Meta campaigns increases.

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Published On: August 31, 2023

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