Patient Insights Unveiled: Websites, Social Media and Blogs

What content do patients care about?

For many patients, the healthcare decision journey starts with research. Whether they’re new to town and seeking basic care, or they need to figure out why they don’t feel well, patients turn to the internet for information before they start their search for someone to treat them.

We asked survey participants to tell us how they utilize general tools like search engines and public information sources as well as the content presented by practices on their sites. The results might surprise you – over 60% of Boomers say they use search (think Google and Bing) to find health information. GenZ favors information directly on the practice’s website. Other generations are evenly split between search, practice websites, and WebMd for health information.

Once patients land on your website, provide them with information they seek. There are three main content areas that each generation cares about:
• Information from YOU about specific procedures
• Information about the doctors in your practice
• Healthy living tips related to your area of practice

This information doesn’t have to only live on your website – you can use paid social media, targeted email, and other tactics to proactively share your content with prospects most likely to engage with it.

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Published On: August 31, 2023

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